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Meet Denard Span

“Dspan”, as he’s known in the baseball world, recently retired from the game of baseball after a nearly 11 year major league career. Denard spent time playing for the Minnesota Twins, Washington Nationals, San Francisco Giants, Tampa Bay Rays, and lastly the Seattle Mariners. Aside from all of his on-the-field accolades, Denard is far more than just a baseball player. He is a wise and hard working individual who has a deep love for God, family, and his community.


Denard is married to his wife, Anne, and father to their two sons Denard “DJ” and Jace. Denard prioritizes his role as a husband and father by putting his family first. His passion and love for family, drives his already established desire to help families in the Tampa Bay area.

Growing up in Tampa, FL and being raised by a single mother, Wanda Wilson, Denard knows first hand how a single parent can struggle with the challenge of raising responsible, caring, successful adults. He saw how hard it was for her, at times working two jobs and often coming home exhausted. Money was tight, temptation was everywhere, and as every single parent knows, there’s no one else to lean on. Denard, along with Anne and Wanda, have identified the needs for single family homes and are determined to help lessen the load as they become an ‘extended family’ to many who feel this challenge!




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