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The Denard Span Foundation first got its start in 2014. Although its existence is brief, Denard has been serving single parent homes much longer than that. He quickly realized the power of his influence when first entering the major leagues in 2008 with the Minnesota Twins. During his time there, he hosted the “Twins and Pins” bowling event which benefited the Jeremiah Program, an organization dedicated to helping single parents break the cycle of poverty. From this event on, a spark ignited in Denard to continue helping others the best he could and to one day start his own foundation.

Fast forward, Denard and his family are still hosting events that help serve and empower single parent homes. This foundation and its inspiration comes from real and raw experiences that Denard and his mother, Wanda, had gone through themselves as a home with one parent. They use their stories to spread hope and empower others in similar situations.


I pray these young children we reach grow up to be strong leaders and contributors in their own community.

Denard Span


In 2020, The Denard Span Foundation is seeking support from a community of proud donors and corporate partnerships who believe in our philanthropic mission to serve single parent families in need. DSF is raising support to help provide single parent families with reliable transportation, grocery necessities, and scholarships for education opportunities.


Blessing families with reliable transportation. Ferman vehicles are presented as new models with warranty, service plans and appropriate seating to meet family capacity. Raising funding for substantial down payments, will keep monthly payments affordable.


Help us bring food to the table for a family in need. Grocery necessities may include local grocery gift cards, and a surprise shopping spree with the Denard Span Foundation Team. 

Parent and Child at the Supermarket

Giving students a hope for the future with the opportunity to further their college education. Education and scholarship needs may include financial support towards books, required class supplies, semester credits and on campus lodging.

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